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    Ride a century when you turn a century

    That’s the promise offered by nationally-known cycling writers Roy M. Wallack and Bill Katovsky in Bike for Life, a blueprint for using cycling to achieve longevity, fitness, and overall well-being. Bike for Life’s cutting-edge, science-based plan can slow and even reverse the age-related deterioration which begins in most people around age 35, leaving you functionally younger and more vital. Using cross-training, interval training, periodization, smart eating, and breakthough exercises designed to spur natural growth hormone production, Bike for Life can help you protect and rebuild age-battered muscles and bones, restore a tall, youthful posture, heat up a stagnant love life, and even ride faster, stronger, and longer than you could last year. It won’t be easy, but for those who plan on rolling into triple digits on a bike, not a wheelchair, the payoff is beyond measure: The endless joy of riding a bike across town, or across the country.

    To get the most our of your riding time, steer clear of the sport’s potholes, and enjoy a long lifetime of fitness, Bike for Life’s comprehensive plan includes:

    • Cutting-edge training strategies for best-ever fitness at any age
    • An anti-aging strength plan to revive muscularity and reaction time
    • Exclusive! 10-step Cycling-Specific Yoga routine from Steve Ilg, the world’s fastest yogi
    • How to beat common injuries like Cyclist’s Knee and Biker’s Back
    • Famous coaches’ climbing, cornering, handling and eating tips
    • How to make Spin classes supercharge your outdoor cycling, with Furnace Creek 508 legend Chris Kostman
    • A cure for cycling-related sexual problems in men and women
    • Exclusive! 16 ways to stop the scary cycling-osteoporosis connection
    • List of must-do hill climbs, mass city rides, and cross-state events
    • Exclusive! Rx for Relationships: A strategy to save your cycling-mangled marriage
    • How to survive mountain lions, bike-jackers, poison ivy, headwinds, & more

    Learn how the Icons did it — and keep doing it

    As a bonus, Bike for Life offers fascinating oral-history interviews with a dozen of the sports’ most famous and influential personalities, who share their secrets to healthy, super-fit aging and success on and off the bike.

    • Off-road superstar Ned Overend
    • 3-time Olympian John Howard
    • Mountain bike guru Gary Fisher
    • Specialized founder Mike Sinyard
    • Spinning inventor Johnny G
    • 91-year-old legend John Sinibaldi
    • Road-racing empresario Jim Ochowicz
    • Downhill diva Missy Giove
    • Legendary Coach Eddie B
    • The one, the only, the unforgettable
      Rich “The Reverend” White